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This website is dedicated to the thousands of students who have attended Camberwell High School since it commenced in 1941, with just 350 students. The distinctive cream-brick building, was described at the time as ‘the most modern and attractive school in Victoria’. The history of the school is captured in the hundreds of photos that have been grouped into decades, and in the many editions of Prospice. The website brings our history to life, so that current and former students can appreciate their place in the school’s rich history.


School News

2021 – CHS celebrated 80 years of Educational Excellence – since the opening of the school: see Celebrating 80 Years Events



Prospice 2023 is available for download, as are all editions on the CHESS website – click on the PROSPICE tab menu. We thank CHS for providing us with the digital version of the school magazine.


CHESS newsletters, produced 3 times a year for CHESS member & include articles featuring ex-students, events & reunions.

Check the Prospice link to see the latest & all yearbooks


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The website has a fine collection of photos and memorabilia that reflect our history over the last 80 years. Photos of year groups, school life and sport teams are featured.