During this decade, the school continued to build on the past while looking to the future. The new Enterprise building for Year 9, and renovated spaces for Year 11 and Years 7 and 8, enhanced group learning in worthwhile ways, while students from all year levels had opportunities to engage in many learning experiences outside the classroom. Senior students took on leadership roles with commitment and enthusiasm and received strong support from staff.



2010 – current: Jill Laughlin

School Captains

2010: Harry Angley and Grace Barry
2011: Tom Osborne and Samantha Hunt
2012: Hugh McRae and Kate Kasby
2013: Tom Beddison and Alicia Schifferle
2014: Vinnie Cesnik and Zoe Katanos
2015: Daniel Beddison and Alana Brown
2016: Lincoln Krieger and Claudia Plowright
2017: Jiayu (Aaron) Cheng and Grace Scorgie
2018: Angus Streat and Serena Beddison
2019: John Cox and Eloise Gross

SRC Presidents

2010: Rohan Smyth and Liz Thiessen
2011: Oliver Wadelton and Kelly Winder
2012: Kai Ogura and Louise Kitchin
2013: Ashley Wah and Genevieve Bruwer
2014: Jayden Battey and Sonja Repetti
2015: Jordan Moulday and Imogen Swann
2016: David Kavanagh and Charlie Capp
2017: Rory Hughes and Mia Clifford
2018: Julia Kim and John Stamellos
2019: Natalie Litsas and George Moutsas

House Captains

2010: James Weston and Kirsten Kent
2011: Tom Green and Tara Pargeter
2012: Luke Steventon and Mikaela Bocquet
2013: Brett Borland and Caitlin Kent
2014: Denika Bocquet and Stephanie Sterry
2015: George Melios and Zoe Watson
2016: Ariya Saffar and Jacinta Lamont
2017: Alex Capp and Imogen Harper
2018: Maya Williamson and Isaac Williams
2019: Jemma Gillieron and Darcy Littlechild

2010: Charles Osborne and Averil Foggin
2011: Kai Murray and Katrina Johns
2012: Charlie Angley and Claudine Foley
2013: James Hunt and Alice Angley
2014: Cato Zietsman and Angela Stamelos
2015: Chris Barr and Catriona Benson
2016: Callaghan Foley and Lucy Wotherspoon
2017: Valli Cesnik and Yuval Hayoon
2018: Indi Purnell and Tom Clarke
2019: Elle Taylor and Flynn Tremoulet

2010: Jackson Sharpe and Zoe Shaw
2011: Will McDonald and Jane Shore
2012: Stephen Walsh and Catelina Avila
2013: James Werner and Lucy Donkin
2014: William Barker and Tara Christakakis
2015: Alex Seymour and Mikaela Schifferle
2016: Dom Edis and Geneva Murfett
2017: Lachlan Colgrave and Marabella Vario
2018: Tess O’Donnell and Alec Pangalidis
2019: Lucia Ierado and Lachlan Stoll

2010: Campbell Wiggins and Anna Josland
2011: Isaac Christie and Holly Baker
2012: Alex Pucer and Bronte Hamilton
2013: Trent Anderson and Demi Koutroubis
2014: Oliver Christie and Tina Nguyen
2015: Eric Jiang and Tyla Lockwood
2016: Luka Cancar and Tyler Rath
2017: James Italia and Celeste Nicotera
2018: Jamie Phillips and Piers McDermott
2019:  Oskar Hosken and Abbye Koza

Prospice Editions

Prospice 2010Prospice 2011Prospice 2012

Prospice 2016