1960-1969 Potted History

Information sourced from A Jubilee Retrospective by Robert Ewins and CHESS newsletters 

By 1963, 900 students were enrolled and there was a critical shortage of accommodation. Some highly qualified members of the Parents’ Association were unhappy about the accommodation problems and the lack of a strong educational focus. They formed a parents’ lobby group and set up regular parent/teacher nights. Unfortunately, there was a gradual erosion of traditional values. Respect for authority, cheerful and willing obedience, courtesy and formality, and loyalty toward the school were not evident.


  • Only 3 students accompanied the Principal Roy Andrews to Empire Day. The 6th formers were dressed down for their lack of patriotism.


  • The Parents Association raised 1,500 pounds to complete a plan for the oval.


  • Despite requests dating back to 1948, the Department finally admitted that it could not provide ornamental gates at the entrance.


  • With 900 students enrolled there was a shortage of accommodation.


  • The oval’s retaining walls were completed using 6500 bluestone pitchers from Camberwell roads.


  • The school acquired its own racing eight boat named after Principal RW Andrews.
  • The drama group presented Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and T.S Elliot’s The Martyrdom of St Thomas.
  • The school band commenced with 21 students playing assorted instruments.


  • New Principal C. Ivor Gazzard spent the last 2 years of his career at CHS. He introduced a SRC and reduced exam time for Form I to V.
  • From 1965-1973 Ann Rusden taught at CHS. Her speciality was Senior Physics
  • “Forum,” a lunchtime debating and discussion group, was set up to address discontent about the lack of pupil participation in the running of the school.
  • Senior students agitated for 2 years before a SRC was formed with representatives from each form.
  • The drama group had a festival of plays including one by a Form V student.


  • The drama group produced three plays that they had written.


  • Hubert Slattery became Principal for 3 years and introduced a number of changes: English, History, Maths and Geography were taught in “home rooms” to Form I and exams were abolished for Forms I-IV.
  • The temporary canteen began operating.
  • Enrolments had stabilised at 770.
  • The drama group produced three plays they had written.


  • Senior students showed little enthusiasm for sport. Less than 50% of Matric. students played any sport, despite it being scheduled every Wed. afternoon.
  • The drama students produced 4 plays. One included film and sound effects.