1950s Photos of school life

Form Captains, 1950
Montgomery Boys Choir, Winner of Boys Inter-House Choral Contest, 1950
Thanks to Barbara Mundy (née Dowling) for donating this photo to the school archives.
Churchill Girls Choir, Winner of Girls Interhouse Choral Contest, 1950
Form Captains, 1950?
Prefects, 1950
House captains, 1950
CHS building, 1950
Laurie Emmins, Colin (surname unknown) and Gil Vennell, 1950
"Tex" Morton and Gil Vennell, 1950
School captains, 1950
Woodwork and craft room, 1950
School Orchestra with Miss Walker and Mr Hallett, 1950
Prospice Committee, 1950
Swimming champions, 1951
House captains, 1951
(Unknown) 1951
Prefects, 1951
Prospice committee, 1951
Roosevelt Girls Choir, Winners of Girls Inter-House Choral Section, 1951
4th and 5th Formers, 1951
School Orchestra with Miss Mills and Mr Hallett, 1951
Form Captains, 1951
Roosevelt Boys Choir, Winners of Boys Inter-House Choral Section, 1951
School Band, 1952
House captains, 1952
House captains, 1952
Form Captains, 1953
Montgomery Boys Choir, Winners of Boys Inter-House Choral Section, 1953
School Orchestra, 1953
Swimming Champions, 1953
Churchill Girls Choir, Winners of Girls Inter-House Choral Section, 1953
House Captains, 1953
Prospice Committee, 1953
CHS building, 1954
(Unknown), 1955
Gerald Robinson, Head Prefect, 1955
(Unknown), 1955
Deb Presentation of former Form V girls (from 1954) to Dame Pattie Menzies at Hawthorn Town Hall. Back row, left to right: Margaret Sprake and Judith Taylor Front row, left to right: Joyce Rowe, Carleen Urquhart, Dame Pattie Menzies, Wendy Williams, Pam Bellamy. Many thanks to Pam Alderson (née Bellamy) for this wonderful photo.
Debutantes, 1955
Swimming Champions, 1956
Prospice committee, 1957
Prefects, 1957
Nicola Donkin and David Raby, Head Prefects, 1957
Choir, 1957
Form Captains. 1958
J Inwersen, R Spitts, M Stocks, B Davis 1959
Thanks to Graham Morris and Noni Holman for this photo.
Parliament of Youth, 1959
House captains, 1959
Madrigal group, 1959
Margaret Stocks, 1959
Prefects, 1959
Front of school 1959
Prospice committee, 1959