2018-19 Committee Members

Yvonne Giltinan, President, 1962-1965
Theo Mantamadiotis, Vice-President, 1975-1980
Luci Bombaci, Secretary, 1966-1969
Ken James, Treasurer, 1959-1964
Steve Moore 1967-1971
Ashley Wah 2008-2013
Bob Taylor 1959-1962
Marnie Kok (White), 1960-1962
Jill Fletcher (Davies), 1961-1965

Our Associates also provide valuable assistance. Audrey Broomhead (1946), Neil Robson (1972) and Phil Giltinan (1964)

We acknowledge the commitment of former committee members who served the ex-student community for many years. Bernard Corser, President 1993-2010; Pat Douglas, Secretary 1991-2013; Neil Bouvier, Treasurer 1995-2012; Deb Johnson, Website and ChessMoves 2000-2012.