2000-2009 Potted History

Information sourced from CHESS newsletters 

Principal Elida Brereton continued to ensure new works and renovations matched increasing enrolments. Students toured overseas, interstate and to regional Victoria for a variety of educational activities and the Year 12 students achieved outstanding results that led to university places. Music and sport continued to have a high profile.


  • 5 gifted students went to Greece for the 2k International Student Project.
  • The City of Melbourne invited students and staff to represent them in China.
  • Two Year 11 leaders ran the Peer Support Program for Year 7 in small groups.


  • CHS was placed in the top 10 government schools in five Year 12 subjects.
  • The Wiz was staged.
  • The new VCE centre was opened.


  • All Year 7 home groups participated in the Karaoke Competition.
  • Year 8 went to the Rivoli to see Star Wars as part of their English studies.
  • 12 students visited our sister school in Yokohama.


  • CHS topped the state in LOTE (Languages other than English) and Geography.
  • New IT and science rooms, a refurbished admin. area and the library were now ready for use. The Hall held all 1200 students and staff for assemblies.
  • Dannii Minogue dropped in during lunchtime, much to the delight of students.


  • Year 9 cooked pancakes to raise money for homeless young people in the area.
  • Students participated in the Surf League, rowing, cross country and lacrosse.
  • The new Drama Centre was opened on the corner of Byron Street.


  • The Music Tour to the United States was memorable and very successful.
  • 25 French students visited Noumea.
  • Senior staff visited Vietnam to report on the progress of 7 VCE students.


  • The Federal Government allocated $101,000 to upgrade the music facilities.
  • A 50th reunion was held for the first Matriculation students.
  • Elida Brereton won the Sir James Darling medal for outstanding contribution to Victorian education.


  • The Year 8’s dressed up for Medieval Day and enjoyed a banquet.
  • At the Athletics Championships several athletes became State Champions.
  • The James Morrison/CHS Senior Stage Band performed at Hawthorn Town Hall.


  • A memorial service was held at the school for former principal David Collins.
  • Anzac Day was commemorated with recitations, readings and musical items.
  • 89% of Year 12’s gained a tertiary offer.


  • The devastating bush fires took the life of ex-student Brian Naylor and his wife.
  • The new canteen, change-rooms and the outdoor area were named The Hub.
  • 3AW Breakfast Show was broadcast from the school.
  • Elida Brereton retired. In 43 years of service she had only missed 1 day of work.