Principal Elida Brereton continued to ensure new works and renovations matched increasing enrolments. Students toured overseas, interstate and to regional Victoria for a variety of educational activities and the Year 12 students achieved outstanding results that led to university places. Music and sport continued to have a high profile.


1994–2009: Elida Brereton

School Captains

2000: Keith Niven and Jessica Monaghan
2001: Tim Dunlea and Dana Madkhul
2002: David Evans and Eleanor Bullen
2003: Claire Graham and Michael Ham
2004: Salma Sarmini and Jono Joffe
2005: Alex Kwokernaak and Sam McGrath
2006: Simon Kershaw and Casa Casiano
2007: Chris Longden and Melissa Oberhofer
2008: Mary-Jane Fernandez and John Gatip
2009: Matt Kerr and Brittany Clark

SRC Presidents

2000: James Herdman and Chris Candy
2001: James Stephens and Jessie Dunstan
2002: Adam Chandler and Sara Foulds
2003: Heidi Chrysikos and Daniel Victory
2004: Adam Flavell and Rebecca Lunnon
2005: Miles Durham and Lauren West
2006: Sokratis Lakrindis and Carolyn Hughes
2007: Bennett MacKenzie and Megan De Bruyn
2008: Dylan Jones and Claudine Foley
2009: Shervin Jaberzadeh and Scarlett Hawkins

House Captains

2001: Aaron Cooper and Lauren Sheedy
2002: Ben Monaghan and Lauren Sheedy
2003: Bronagh Kelly and Michael Sterry
2004: Johanna Taylor and James Douglas
2005: Robert Stone and Heidi Edwards
2006: Kevin Wong and Inez Madkhul
2007: Daniel Kent and Prudence Foulds
2008: Ben Johnston and Mikaela Bocquet
2009: Alex Ellis Friedl and Victoria Gatip

2001: Corey Rice and Katie Heartel
2002: Andrew Bucknall and Anastasia Tsangalis
2003: Tallulah Kritzer-Sutcliffe and Ross Quick
2004: Libby Nelson and Zac Barry
2005: Tom Logan and Sophie Taylor
2006: Kyle Minall and Katrina Pantzopoulos
2007: Chris McKay and Sarah Dayman
2008: Charlie Angley and Amber McEwin
2009: Jake Capuano and Tatianna Johns

2001: Zoe Miatke and Robert Tongue
2002: Ken Hardisty and Claire Ruthven
2003: Rachael Hands and Jonathon Joffe
2004: Jane Kasby and Scott MacKinven
2005: Peter Evans and Bethany Gebert
2006: Jasson Markessinis and Sally Ly
2007: Max Piantoni and Emma Beanland
2008: Hugh McRae and Kate Kasby
2009: Nicholas Chester and Emma Walsh

2001: Stuart Collins and Faye Kendall
2002: Nick Ollie and Angela Webster
2003: Dijana Topaloska and Viv Buckley
2004: Maddy Woodward and Pat Buckley
2005: Andrew Ham and Jacqui Lucas
2006: David Roberts and Jemma Podem
2007: Tristan Simons and Laura Wills Hunter
2008: Alex Pucar and Bronte Hamilton
2009: James Sharp and Celine Tann

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Staff photo, 2000
Staff photo, 2000

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