Elida Brereton

Principal from 1994–2009

Elida Brereton was Principal of Camberwell High School when demand for enrolments exceeded the available places. She has taught in government schools for over 30 years with a focus on humanities, particularly Geography. Elida is both a Fellow and President-elect of the Australian College of Education, an honorary Life Member of the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, and a member of the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals. During her career as a teacher, Elida was appointed the first Regional Consultant in Geography to 44 schools in south-west Victoria, and for three years she was a consultant in the Innovations section of the Australian Schools Commission. Elida was seconded to become a method lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Monash University in the mid-1980s. All three positions were held while Elida was teaching and heading faculties in her schools.

Between 1981 and 1999, Elida was appointed Chair of state committees in Geography, Earth Studies and SOSE, was the (Liberal) Minister for Education’s nominee for three years on the Victorian Board of Studies, and Chair of the Board’s Assessment Committee (1998–89). In 2000-01, Elida was the (Labour) Minister for Education’s nominee on the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the Victorian Institute of Teaching, representing all government secondary school principals.

Elida has represented the Department of Education in Korea, United Arab Emirates and China, has co-authored four best-selling Geography textbooks, written two Year 12 Geography textbooks, and has been commissioned over the years to write for major newspapers. She addresses Diploma of Education students annually at Monash University, and has conducted workshops for aspiring principals for the Australian Principals’ Centre.

Elida is involved actively in community service, supporting her Geelong football team and enjoys theatre, classical music, reading, travelling and photography. When Elida Brereton took long service leave in her first year at CHS, Meg Lees was Acting Principal. Elida retired in 2009.