Class of ’62 reunion: 2012

On Friday November 30th 2012, the CHS class of 1962 held their 50-year reunion in the function room of the Box Hill Golf Club. Sixty-seven ex-students attended on the night (some with partners), and five ex-teachers also attended as invited guests: Bob Ewins, Don Gibb, Jim Hobill, Mick O’Brien and Neville Green. The presence of these teachers contributed greatly to the enjoyment of the night and the sharing of memories.

The night commenced around 7.00pm with most people arriving over the next half hour. A formal welcome took place shortly after 7.30pm, but speeches were kept to a minimum as everyone appeared happy to mix/talk, look at old photographs and at copies of  the Robert Ewin’s CHS 50-year Jubilee book. Initial greetings often commenced with puzzled expressions on people’s faces, but these were usually quickly followed by bursts of laughter as recognition took place. It was quite amazing how the years fell away and people conversed with each other much as they had done over 50 years ago.

Around 9.00pm the general frivolity was interrupted for the School Song and a DVD show. Printed copies of the School Song were handed around and a rousing rendition of all 3 verses was delivered with the backing provided from a CD. Alan Petschack had actually made a film of the last day at school in 1962 and he had converted this into DVD. Chris Bunn also contributed a short film of this time. It was incredible to see people in motion on the screen from 50 years ago, and yet here they were standing next to you 50 years later. A short series of trivial pursuit questions about events and literature from 1962 followed the DVDs, after which people resumed their mingling, talking and looking at photographs once again.

The quality of food, the bar service, security arrangements and general assistance provided by the Box Hill Golf Club personnel was excellent. The Reunion Committee members (Judy Laity (Symons), Geoff Rice, Doug Fox and Jeff Burman) were all very pleased with the night and many of the attendees expressed similar sentiments. Our only problem was we were supposed to finish at 11.00pm, but it took until 11.30pm before we could shepherd everyone out of the venue – a good sign that it was an enjoyable night. Many of the class of ’62 wrote contributions which were compiled into a booklet Where are they now?

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