Class of ’63 Reunion: 2013

The CHS 1963 50-year reunion was held on 10 November 2013.

A total of 49 past students and 3 teachers attended the 1963 reunion at the Box Hill Golf Club. A number of ex-students came from country Victoria, and others from Queensland, northern NSW and Western Australia. One teacher came from NSW. The continuous sound of chatter and laughter reflected the relaxed nature and cheerfulness of the occasion. Attendees were served a generous and delectable finger food lunch throughout the afternoon. The venue and service were excellent.

There were a number of highlights to the afternoon, apart from the opportunity to renew past friendships. We were privileged to have a photographer who came with his computer and printer. Most of us left with a collection of current photos offered at very moderate prices and coloured, as distinct from our old school photos. Thanks to Jan Williams (Richardson) for organising this with her son-in-law. The unison singing of School of our Youth, words provided, along with the 2005 CD, brought a tear to some eyes! And oh my goodness, we sounded as good as ever! We were led by Dianne McConville, a 1963 school pianist. In the morning prior to the reunion Dianne had visited Miss Cameron, now 103 years old. Dianne passed on Miss Cameron’s good wishes for our reunion.

Our MC, Colin Shugg divided us into our old houses, MacArthur, Roosevelt, Churchill and Montgomery for a trivia competition. As in 1963 when McArthur won the Choral Festival and the Athletics competitions, McArthur did it again! We enjoyed the continuous backdrop power point presentation of old form, sporting and some more personal photos. Thanks to Graeme Hubbert. The reunion was an incentive for Ken Rubeli to collate and have published a book of poems written by the late Anthony McMahon. Anthony was Maths & Science dux in 1963. Ken spoke briefly about Anthony’s childhood and read a number of the poems. Ken offered the books for sale to the 1963 group, with any profit being donated to charity.

CHESS made available the Robert Ewins book, Camberwell High School 1941 – 1991 A Jubilee Retrospective, for purchase as well as the School of our Youth CD. On arrival guests were presented with a CHESS badge.

Another 1963 reunion dinner is planned for October 2014. If you know of anyone who missed out on an invitation for the recent reunion, please provide contact details to either or

– Elaine Miles (Key), on behalf of the organising committee.