Class of ’82 Reunion: 2012

The Night of the Middle-Aged Teenagers

Originally suggested as a coffee get together for someone coming from NSW, this reunion grew to become a competition of who could contact the most past students. With the power of the Internet, the CHESS database and friends’ networks, a great many past students were contacted and despite many not being able to attend, the contacts were made and old friendships rekindled in the process.

The night of the middle-aged teenagers of 1977–1982 was a huge success with over 30 attending and the feeling among many was that nothing had changed amongst us. Our private room at Di Palma’s Restaurant in Glenferrie provided dimmed lighting which took care of what ravages of time might have been in evidence and nametags assisted with any awkwardness of recognition. The free-flowing alcohol and gourmet canapés also added to the success.

Of course the music was all 80’s originals that were drowned out by the shouting and screaming of meeting up with past friends. People had travelled great distances; Susan Duncan (nee Lancaster) from Gippsland, Desiree Valentina Mathias and Graeme Towart from NSW’s northern beaches, Anne McKinstray from Tasmania and Richard Goldberg travelled from Norway.

The organisers, Belinda Robson, Tim Boyle and David Gray were astounded that the night was such a success and happily abandoned their planned ‘getting to know you’ games; certainly not required, as conversations and friendships took off as if we had just come back from term break.

A second event has been suggested and this might be a casual BBQ lunch and family day in late Spring 2012.

Thanks to President Yvonne and CHESS for their assistance with contacts and the CHESS website was a wonderful resource for images, historic articles and a great collection of class photos. Let’s hope the guests who took home CHESS membership forms will see fit to follow through!