Class of ’95 reunion: 2015

On Saturday the 31st October, fittingly on Halloween, the Camberwell High School class of 1995 descended upon a well-worn local haunt from our formative years, the Glenferrie Hotel, for our 20 year reunion. While the gents were sporting significantly more facial hair than the last time we were all together, this was equally countered by the diminishing locks from up on top.

Initial apprehension and on occasion a few brief moments to match a face to a name was swiftly forgotten as those in attendance slipped back seamlessly into idle banter, along with whirlwind summaries of the last twenty years. Births, deaths, marriages were hot topics, but reminiscing about the good old days was certainly top of the agenda. The overwhelming conclusion from our various conversations was that we were all hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with the many horrifying trials of high school as virtuous teens, and we mused about how different our attitudes, interactions and focuses would have been if we could start again with the worldly knowledge we now possess.

Sharing a drink and a laugh were the lasting memories of the night which began innocently at 7.30pm, quickly saw midnight come and go, and by the time the last to fall hailed an Uber, the notorious Glenferrie Town Hall clock tower was singing 3am. We greatly appreciated the effort of those who attended, and hope the above is an adequate snapshot of what the night entailed for those unable to make it. A lot of water has passed under the bridge of time since our teenage years, some good, some bad, but the majority have been fortunate that they were able the share such life defining experiences with a great group.  Trent Shields