2015 Annual Dinner

Box Hill Golf Club Dec 2nd 2015

It was delightful to share the evening with guests and ex-students who came from near and far, including Perth and Launceston. The committee appreciated many thank you notes.

Congratulations -another well run, successful event. I particularly enjoyed the way Ashley and Joel led the event as MC’s. Also good to see a couple of the CHESS winners and hear them speak. Elliot Goblet was a wonderful innovation and provided an excellent focus for the evening.

I certainly did enjoy the night. Thank you again to the CHESS committee for keeping the spirit of CHS alive in all of us!

We want to thank you and your ‘team CHESS’ for a delightful evening. The venue was very appropriate with spacing and sound buffering just right (esp. for the old and deaf like me), CHS musicians and comedy hit the spot, food was good, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the large bonus of catching up with old class-mates.