Class of ’08 reunion: 2018

On Saturday 1 September, approximately 60 members of the Camberwell High School Class of 2008 came together at the Glenferrie Hotel to celebrate their 10 year high school reunion.
In order to get the event organised, a Facebook page was established and over the course of several months more and more 2008 class members were added to the group – making sure that nobody missed out on the opportunity to attend their 10 year reunion. The online group had a terrific atmosphere with regular updates on the event, and polls to ensure everybody could have a say on the type of high school reunion they wanted to have.
On the night of the event, we had larger than anticipated attendance, which only made the night more memorable. From all accounts, it was a fantastic and fun evening with many striking up new friendships or re-kindling old ones. What was particularly great was the way in which everybody showed care and kindness to one another and the genuine warmth that individuals had for their fellow peers. Stories from our school years were shared, photos were taken, rounds of drinks bought, and food and laughter were constant throughout the event. It was great to have the opportunity to catch up with friends and to celebrate the achievements of the cohort.
Thanks so much to everyone who came along. I look forward to meeting up again in another 10 years!! I am sure lots will have changed, but also many things will stay the same. Rusy Gallardo