Class of ’69 reunion: 2019

The class of 1969 held a 50th year reunion on Sunday 27th October, 2019 at Yarra Valley Country Club in Bulleen. It was a delightful afternoon, with around thirty classmates attending. Initially our faces looked puzzled as we tried to recognise one another after so many years, but soon our faces were beaming with smiles, as we slowly reconnected with lost friendships. There was so much to talk about, that the room soon became loud with “chatter”. But not enough time to recount all our stories. Our reunion was such a huge success, we were buzzing with excitement at seeing one another again. Given that there were some classmates who would have liked to have been there, but were unable to attend, the committee will endeavour to have another reunion sooner rather than later! These are the ex-students who were able to attend.

LADIES: Alison (Farthing) Phillips; Chris (Ward) Modra; Christine (Williams) Aisbett; Clare (Horwood) Wishart Boer; Jennifer (Samson) Anderson; Joanne (Robb) Newman; Julie (Disken) Campbell; Linda Pearson; Lorraine (Hatch) Castles; Luci Bombaci; Margaret (Wingfield) Stephens; Penny (Johnson) Commons; Ruth (Weber) Bain.                              MEN: John Cayless; Simon (aka Sam) Gardiner; David Gyton; Jan Gnatt; Trevor Henley; Russell Imer; Trevor (Idle) Ingram; Mike Paulusz; Richard Wailes; John Bate; Jan Schulz; Steven Hunt; Peter Ratten; David Schetzer.