Class of ’59 reunion: 2019

Over 30 ex-students attended the 60th reunion at the Tower Hotel East Hawthorn on Saturday, October 26th. Much time was given to catching up over old times where memories were swapped about the years at CHS in the 50s, some probably embellished a little, but cherished nevertheless. The organising committee of June (Gregory) Smith, Winifred (James) Smith, Bill Goodenough and Robert Monaghan could not have been more pleased with the attendance. It was generally expressed that the venue was ideal for a modest gathering such as this, being enclosed and private. Attendees could order lunch and drinks as they pleased, so we were well fed and watered. To assist in identifying each other, Winifred had wisely organised name tags for all.

Thanks to the generosity of some, an array of memorabilia was put on display for the 59ers to browse at leisure: photos and newspaper clippings in an album supplied by Liz (Mauger) Bowley, caps owned by Ian Jenkin, a tunic owned by Winifred (James) Smith, a roll detailing those who had attended the 40th reunion and the very first Prospice brought along by Barbara (Turner) Harrison. To add to the display, Yvonne Giltinan, President of CHESS, brought along a banner which provided a CHS time-line and became a point of interest for all. Bill Tucker volunteered his services as the official photographer on the day. We thank all who contributed.

Those offering apologies were Wendy Dabourne, Jan Devlin, Geoff Dobbin, Fay (Butt) Logan, Betty (Riddell) Davies, Kelvin Duncan, David Hopkins, Jeff Sonderhof, Sandra (Pitkethly) Waugh, Nonie (Lovitt) Holman, Colin Notley, Jeff Sonderhof and Ron Welsh. A list of those who had passed away included Trish Brewer, Helen Dennehy, Michael Frankel, Malcolm Gale, Des Gibbs, Dieter Guenther, Ralph Hill, Gail Morton, Trish Morton, Elaine Robinson, Geoff Shaw, Wendy Taylor and John Westle. Other than students from our era, we were delighted that ‘extras’ could attend. Liz Bolza, all the way from USA, was accompanied by her daughter Christina, while Mavis (Rodda) Mair’s daughter Freya was also welcomed. Captains of football teams from 1958 and 1960, Ian Jenkin and Kim Webster, were also special guests. All the way from Geelong, former teacher, Jim Hobill was a wonderful link with our school days, looking hale and hearty at age 85.

Bill Goodenough addressed the throng with an amusing account of the valuable contributions so many of our group had made to society and he took the time to acknowledge the contribution teachers such as Jim Hobill had made to nurturing a life-long interest in sport for many of us. After lunch, David Jenkin took on the role of ‘Roaming David’ where he wandered the room extracting memories from some of the group. With expertise and humour he was able to add flavour to the occasion which was most appreciated by all. Of particular interest, Jim Hobill stated that his seven years at CHS were the happiest of his long teaching career. To the amazement of the organising committee, there seemed to be some discussion and enthusiasm about organising a 65th reunion, so all will be under strict instructions to remain healthy in case that occasion arises. Any discussion on a 70th would be on hold until then. Those who were able to attend included:

MEN: Bill Goodenough; Bill Logan; Bill Tucker; Brian Horwood; David Jenkin; Gary Allen; Graeme Goudie; Graham Morris; Ian Burrowes; Ian Jenkin; Ian Woonton; Jim Hobill; John O’Hara; Kim Webster; Peter Whitworth; Peter Blunden; Robert Monaghan; Robert Whyte

LADIES: Denise (Shand) Logan; Elizabeth Bolza; Christina (Bolza); Gillian (Levy) Neale; June (Gregory) Smith Liz (Mauger) Bowley; Lyn (Murray) Gilbert; Mavis (Rodda) Mair; Pam (Watson) Coughlin; Rosemary (Mead) Faris; Barbara (Turner) Harrison; Winifred (James) Smith; Freya (Mair).