Elliot Goblet


Elliot Goblet, an ex-student of Camberwell High School where he was known as Jack Levi, is one of Australia’s most original and best-loved comedians. At different times, his style has been described as ‘mentally altered’, ‘offbeat but on target’, ‘slapstick in reverse’ and ‘realism coated with the ridiculous’. Over the past years, Goblet has performed all over Australia and overseas in America, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

His audiences have ranged from comedy club patrons through to sophisticated corporate executives. He’s also enjoyed lots of big occasion nights, including two shows at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and half a dozen at Melbourne’s Concert Hall. Goblet is best known for over 50 appearances as a guest stand-up comedian on shows like Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday, Tonight Live, The Midday Show and The Big Gig. He has also done guest appearances on celebrity TV game shows, Burke’s Backyard, Neighbours and The Footy Show, as well as starring in lots of corporate videos and TV commercials in Australia and New Zealand.

Goblet’s significant other achievements include over 1400 corporate event performances, a best-selling book (Business According to Goblet, which contains good business sense heavily coated with good business nonsense) and his debut CD, Internally Berserk, which contains oodles of clever but unconnected one-liners.

Whether he’s in front of a small audience or a large audience, the deadpan man about town always invites people to change gears mentally and see the world through Goblet-coloured glasses. Visit Elliot’s website at


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