Mr D J Collins, B Com, Dip. Ed

Principal from 1977–1986

Beginning as a student teacher at Casterton HES, he did his formal qualifications at Ballarat Teachers’ College the following year, 1948. He taught at Drumborg, Weerangourt, Heywood Consolidated School, Victoria Park, Brunswick Boys’ High, Hillside Reform School and Pentridge Special School. When he first came to CHS, he taught history and English. He then went to University High, later doing a teacher exchange with Honeywood County Secondary School, Coggeshall, Essex. Following this secondment he became Deputy Principal of Williamstown High School, then Foundation Principal of Paisley High School. He returned to Camberwell High School as principal in 1977.

‘Mr Collins: A Decade of Outstanding Leadership’ (Prospice, 1994)

In announcing that he would not be returning to Camberwell High School at the conclusion of his long-service-leave, Mr Collins brought to a conclusion a decade of progress and achievement under his leadership. Throughout his term as Principal, Mr Collins sought to preserve traditional features of the school, including its choral festival, speech nights, A V G James Lecture, musicals and this magazine, as well as encouraging both students and parents to participate in innovative programs at the school. The annual SRC Talent Quest and the SRC Student Participation Day are examples of recent student-initiated and directed activities, whilst the CHS BE IN IT program has involved many parents in planning future directions for the school.

Improvements to the physical features of the school have included the painting of, and improvements to the school and gymnasium, development and improvement of the school grounds, the provision of computer facilities and the construction of the hall servery area.

Whilst parents, staff and students have all contributed, it has been the tireless energy and exceptional organising ability of Mr Collins which has brought all of these programs to fruition. Throughout the period of his Principalship, Mr Collins has been ably supported by Mrs Collins, who has maintained a genuine interest in the school and its students and has participated in many school activities. As a result of the leadership of Mr Collins, Camberwell High School is now well placed to adapt to a future of change in post-primary education. Mr. Collins will certainly be missed but not forgotten at Camberwell High School.

– Mr Roy Coram, Acting Principal

Footnote: David Collins passed away in 2008.